We aim to create a safe space for women to discuss religion and the life challenges they're facing. We want to encourage one another, but still hold each other accountable. Our goal is to bring local women in together into a safe and encouraging space. It's in that safe space that we can share our ideas, concerns, troubles and friendship. This sense of community will allow everyone to feel supported in their religion and daily lives.

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What is R.E.A.L Women?

Royalty Encouraging Accountability and Love.

God gave me this shortly before I got married. I've always had a heart for empowering women and youth but when I had to deal with the judgment of "church folk" concerning mistakes I made 20 years ago, I made it my business to change that culture one person at a time.

My heart went out to every woman that has and would experience that type of discouragement and ridicule. I said to myself, 'Real Women don't tear other women down!" That's how REAL Women was birthed. REAL Women will do it's part to ensure that we uplift, encourage, support, and empower women of all ages while holding them accountable in God's loving way! The days of turning our noses up at each other for various reasons are quickly coming to an end!